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Andrew Inserra and Declan Brown are co-founders of Backpocket Productions and creators of Kings & Kweens: The Date Night Podcast. They started the show back in early 2021 wanting to create an alternative space for people to meet one another. All credit goes to Declan’s mom who once said “why don’t you make a Bachelor-esque podcast but do it live”. With over 7 years of podcast production experience prior to The DNP, Andrew and Declan were up to the challenge. They began formulating a show that would live on the cross streets of connection and entertainment.

Over 40+ episodes later and the DNP has blown up in a big way across the Twin Cities and is now expanding to new cities across the USA. The DNP provides a unique experience to everyone involved. You either get to go on a blind date in front of hundreds of people and potentially meet the person of your dreams… or your friends get to watch you go on a date - which is probably something they never thought they’d have the opportunity to do.

  • Andrew Inserra


    Directing Run of Show

  • Declan Brown



  • Tobi Shamu


  • Aaron Cornelius

    Technical Director

  • Myah Christenson

    Social Media Manager

  • Mark Dowdle

    Brand Management

    Commerical Host

  • Beth Nelson

    Contestant Coordination & Management

  • Shona Campbell

    Social Media Manager

    Quiet Sign Specialist

  • Tristen Mulvihill

    Stage Manager

  • Maddi Young


  • Ajay Nayr

    Contestant Coordination & Management

  • Angela Wiborg

    Twitter Manager

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